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Envelope manufacturing

Digiscan possess machinery and equipment of the highest standard all being updated frequently to produce the best envelopes for you. The envelopes developed through us are being carefully designed and measured to align perfectly on all sides and edges which makes the final output of an envelope look classy and neat. Therefore undoubtedly Digiscan has been resulted as the largest envelope manufacturers in Sri Lanka with a statistic of the 3 million envelope covers being produced monthly.

digiscan envelope manufacturing

Digiscan is one of the country's largest envelope manufacturers, with a wide variety of types and seals. Our Commercial Envelope Group stands out in the industry for creativity in direct mail and the ability to convert various paper weights and styles. Our facilities meet an assortment of customer demands, from short runs to long, simple graphics to the more sophisticated.

digiscan services envelope manufacturing
digiscan envelope manufacturing

To offer you a vast array of solutions, our Commercial Envelope manufacturing combines:

  • Cutting-edge design technology
  • Lean manufacturing processes
  • The industry’s highest-quality printing capability
digiscan services envelope manufacturing