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Paper bag manufacturing

Ecolife paper bags will make your brand's image aesthetic and elegant. If you want a paper bag to become your new unforgettable showcase, please contact us and get acquainted with our offer. We offer a wide range of products and each product we try to fully adapt to your needs. By choosing an ecological paper bag, you show your customers that you care about the environment and your image will be associated even better.


What is being eco friendly? It is the practice of living with protecting the environment. Why protect the environment? The more the human civilization evolves more it destroys Mother Nature. One day the result will be an inhabitable wasteland where life will not exist anymore. Eco friendly products promote green living that helps to conserve energy and also prevent air, water and noise pollution. These products will preserve the environment and protect Mother Nature which in turn will prevent humanity from deterioration.

As responsible human beings we all can play a role in protecting our world. Each little environmental friendly decision that we take will ensure the longevity of our mother earth. Thus we took up on the responsibility of Sharing these eco friendly products to the Sri Lankan market and the world as our contribution in saving mother earth for the future of humanity.


The bags we offer are made of the highest quality recycled papers and boards. We produce bags from the following raw materials: recycled paper, kraft Paper, bank paper, recycled boxboard. Various weights (machine bags from 90- 140 gsm, hand bags 100-310 gsm ) and sizes.

Before starting production, we carry out detailed consultations regarding the project. Customers can always use the expert advice of our experienced graphic designers. After specifying your requirements and agreeing on the bag's specifications, our team will carry out an exemplary project and a quote for you.

Customers who realize the order in our company have the possibility to run a trial print and make a prototype of the ordered bag. We print using flexographic and offset method.