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Variable security data printing

This is a special outsourcing service that we offer from Digiscan to our corporate clients who wish to maintain a level of confidentiality of their personal data that has been passed through the customers and provider. As maintaining a trustworthy bond for many years has rather been a massive challenge in the present for many, assuring trust and confidentiality has only yet been a regular practice for us. Our staff our a team of dedicated and well trained individuals who work to retain the trust of our customers at any situation.

digiscan security data printing

Cheques Printing

High levels of control are needed to ensure cheque payments are created securely, removing the risk of fraud, both internal and external, and ensuring an auditable, visible process. Organisations printing cheques today need to ensure they use the most secure stationery, printers, and system-driven workflow to meet these requirements.

digiscan utility bill printing

Utility Bill Printing

At Digiscan, we specialize in printing, processing, and mailing utility bills and utility statements. In fact, our system is so efficient and fast that we guarantee that you will save time and money by outsourcing your utility statement processing to us.